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It's Caulking & Waterproofing Time In Atlantic Beach

Its caulking and waterproofing time in atlantic beach

Caulking and waterproofing is an essential home maintenance task that protects your Atlantic Beach home. It not only keeps the building materials protected from all the salty moisture in our climate, it also helps to keep the home energy efficient. With good caulking and weatherproofing, you'll save energy and save yourself from unnecessary exterior repairs.

It's not uncommon for the exterior caulk and paint to weather more quickly in Atlantic Beach than it does in other inland areas. The coastal climate is really hard on the exterior surfaces. Not only does the salty, moist air cause a problem, the sea wind and sand constantly scour away the exterior protective finishes.

Whether it's your deck, siding, or any other outdoor surface, it must be maintained regularly. Resealing these areas with good quality exterior caulk and waterproofing products will protect the investments you've already made in your Atlantic Beach Home.

Inspect The Existing Caulk

Have you taken a good look at the siding and trimwork around the outside of your home? Is the caulk still in good shape? It never seems to fail that there's some missing caulk around doorways or windows, especially on homes that are aging. Drafty doors cause energy wastage that could be avoided with caulk. Windows are another area where energy is wasted when the sealant is missing.

Old caulk will start to crack and come loose from the surface, so inspect for this problem too. If you can't tell visually, press on the caulk to see if it is still flexible. If it's hard and won't give, it needs to be removed and replaced with new caulk. You need it to be flexible so it holds onto the surface as the temperature changes make it expand and contract.

Inspect The Paint & Deck Sealants

Take a close look at the exterior paint on your house and any deck or wood sealant coating. The waterproof coatings should still have a sheen to them. The paint should still be vibrant looking and not rubbed off looking or faded. Paint and waterproofing will dull as it wears down. This is a sign that it is time to have the job redone.

A good deck waterproofing should be applied yearly in our area, though it often goes neglected. This is unfortunate because people pay a lot for a deck, yet don't realize that it could last decades longer when a yearly waterproof sealant applied. In some climates, the waterproofing will last longer but we live in a climate that is very harsh on wood.

It will be very beneficial to re-caulk whenever needed. Your home will be more comfortable and you won't be throwing dollars out the doors or windows. With regular waterproofing, your investment is protected for longer.

Where To Get Caulking & Waterproofing Service In Atlantic Beach

Professional caulking and waterproofing service in Atlantic Beach is easy to find at St. Johns Painting, LLC. So many homeowners try to do the job themselves only to find out how difficult it can be to do it right. Most will go and purchase some caulk and deck sealant and find out how much work it actually is. Plus, it isn't long before the stuff wears off. It just doesn't last.

Caulking isn't easy to do. If applied in squiggly lines, it does no good at all because it has to fill gaps properly. If not smoothed, it won't be pushed into the cracks where it needs to adhere. And removing old caulk everywhere is a huge chore that seems nearly impossible to get done unless you have the skill and tools to get it done quickly.

Our professional Atlantic Beach painting contractors know just what type of caulk and waterproofing products to use and how to use it. We always remove any old caulking and re-caulk the areas that need it -up high or down low. This is a time consuming, difficult job so why not call for an estimate? You may be surprised at how affordable it is to hire professional help.

If you would like to learn more or are looking for Caulking & Waterproofing in Atlantic Beach, please call St. Johns Painting, LLC at (904) 755-2961 or complete our online request form.