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Your Jacksonville Pressure Washing Specialists

Pressure washing

Both residential and commercial property owners can benefit from regular pressure washing services. Pressure washing helps to keep the exterior of your home or business as clean and healthy as possible, which will keep your property attractive and raise its resale value. Any time you need any pressure washing services in Jacksonville, you can rely on St. Johns Painting, LLC.

Power washing is a simple yet extremely important and effective part of the maintenance of any kind of property. Mold and mildew can have a detrimental effect on the health of your property if it isn't taken care of as soon as possible, and both of these could grow on your property's exterior at any point. Our Jacksonville pressure washing specialists can eliminate these problems before they're allowed to cause extensive damage to your property.

We're always ready and eager to help you keep your home or commercial property in great condition, and we always guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.

When to Have Pressure Washing Services Performed

  • Pressure washing services should be used any time you're having the exterior of your home or business painted. Power washing will remove dirt and grime, which will otherwise prevent the paint from properly adhering to the walls. The paint will soon begin to crack and peel after exposure to sunlight and rain if your Jacksonville property's exterior surfaces are not pressure cleaned prior to application.
  • Any time your property is dirty. Power washing may be necessary or at least desirable any time a sidewalk or driveway is dirty, stained, or has something like chewing gum stuck to it.
  • After a storm. After a heavy storm, businesses may want to consider having pressure washing services performed. Storms can cause mud or dirt to stick to the exterior of buildings, which can be unsightly and unattractive.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Pressure Washing

While many homeowners do choose to perform pressure washing on their own, there are a number of benefits to hiring a professional pressure washing contractor for the job. One of the most significant benefits is that you'll save money on the purchase of expensive equipment that won't be used very frequently.

Having a professional perform your pressure washing services will also save you time, and that's a huge commodity whether you own a home or a business in Jacksonville. You'll also be able to avoid work which can often be dangerous, and our Jacksonville painting contractors will be able to guarantee that no part of your property will be damaged during the pressure washing process.

Pressure Washing Tips

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